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5E3 (Fender Tweed Deluxe clone)


Note the star ground, this amp is almost hum free.

Chassis is from Weber
The turret board is from "Turret board"
Power Transformer from Triode Electronic and paper bobin Output transformer as well, Made in USA by Magnetic Components Inc
Filter Capacitors are F&T (German made)
Coupling capacitors are Mojotone oil filled Vitamin T caps
Carbon comp resistors (except for power)
CTS potentiometers
Belton Micalex tube sockets (nice and tight, but I had to enlarge the chassis holes about 1/16")
Switchcraft jacks
Carling Standby and power switchs
Rectifier tube NOS 5Y3GT (Raytheon)
Power tubes (easy to see ...) Groove Tubes GT6V6C code 8-10 for late distortion. Now running with a pair of NOS (New Old Stock) Sylvania 6V6 power tubes.
Cabinet is made with 3/4 inch solid pine, finger joint assembly, covered with real tweed lacquered with amber Schellac. Baffle is made with top quality hard wood Baltic plywood 12mm thick (9 plys).

See the Fender layout




Michel PAGLIARO signing my Pinecaster
(April 5, 2008 Sherbrooke - Granada theater)


Michel Pagliaro - The Future.  Song of Leonard COHEN



Connected with my homemade Fender clone (6G15) tube reverb unit, the result is awesome !


The same amp circuit (5E3) with few modifications ... :-))

Few specifications :

7 1/2 X 14 1/2 inchs clear plexiglass chassis by 1/4 inch thick (0.230")
1/8 inch thick clear plexiglass circuit board with NOS military
phenolic body terminal posts
Alessandro (PEC) 2 watts stainless steel seal potentiometers
4 and 8 ohms switch at the back
Paper and oil signal capacitors
The value are .047mF with two optional .022uF switchable for a value of : .047uF to .069uF or .091uF on each channels
Sprague Atom filter capacitors and Sprague coupling capacitors
I cover the capacitors with a sheet of chrome vinyl self stick found in a art supply store (cool looking!)
KIWAME RESISTORS with a few exception
Johnson style ceramic Wafer octal sockets

300 ohms 10 Watts cathode resistor


I recived these pictures from four College students
(Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Roger-Michaël Deschênes, Mathieu Paradis et Jérémy Raymond
that build their own version of a 5E3 circuit in a plexi chassis wittin a school project.
I like their solution to hold and solder the parts on terminal strips.

I learn in my own experience of building an amplifier using a plexi chassis,
 that the lead dressing become an important factor if you want no hum and no HF noise.
A shield and ground cabinet would be a great addition too.


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NEW : Fender Princeton Reverb clone


 Tube condenser microphone

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Rosewood Telecaster clone (by far my favorite guitar)

Terry KILGORE tube scam with the complicity of George METROPOULOS (METRO AMP)
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Jumping into modernity, Parker Fly Style guitar

Experimenting pickups winding

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Fender Tweed Deluxe (5E3) clone

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Here a funny Telecaster with a double personality

Oh yes ... I also build acoustic guitar, here my take on a Martin clone (000-42 Style)

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Mail to : Jean GODBOUT (CloneMan)


WARNING vacuum tubes are addictive

So I builded a pair of

300B Single Ended Triode
Mono Block Hifi Amplifiers

Click the picture for a larger view