DUMBLE clone

Home made (DIY) Overdrive HRM Bluesmaster

From this CERIATONE layout

I bought this chassis from : http://cepedals.com/Dumble-Style-Chassis.html (very well made using 0.125'' thick aluminium, welded corners, black powder paint and nice silk screen job, highly recommend seller). Found this seller on the Amp Garage forum : http://ampgarage.com

This chassis is made with four octal sockets holes for a ''100 Watter amp'' but I'm building it with four 6V6 power tubes (or two 6L6 family tubes). I stripped my 5E3x2 amp ( http://jeangodbout.com/5E3x2/5e3x2.html ) to ''steal'' the transformers, choke, sockets, tubes, switchs etc... The tone stack of a Tweed Deluxe is very primitive with only two volumes and a single tone control so I wass looking a way to mod the circuit with more controls when I realise that I could swap the parts into this Dumble clone.

I made the circuit boards using regular printed circuit bords available to any electronic store, I remouved the brass coating in etchant acid, than I glued a layer of 0.020'' rosewood veener and regular 1/8'' D. eyelets press fit are use.

Power transformer is a 290DX Hammond 120 VAC 60 Hz. 325-0-325V @ 200ma, 50V bias tap, filament 6.3V @ 4A, rectifier filament 5V @ 3A, Hammond replacement for Fender Super Reverb, Fender Pro Reverb, Fender Bandmaster Reverb, Fender Tweed Bassman, 125P5D & 022798. Equivalent to the Weber W022798.

Output transformer is a Hammond 1750M, 4,200 C.T. secondary 2, 4, 8 Ohms, Push-Pull 50 Watts, Fender General Replacement 125A13A & 022871. Equivalent to the Weber W404248.

The choke come from an old Silver face Fender Bandmaster (1974) that I converted into a Vibroverb amp : http://www.jeangodbout.com/vibroverb/clone-1-en.html

Here a You Tube clip play by Gregor Hilden on a DUMBLE amp




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The two relays switchs work on 5VDC, so I used the 5VAC from power transformer (normally use to aliment the filaments of the tube rectifier) the 5VAC is rectified than it go into a voltage doubler (I have 12.75 VDC witch is use for the 12 Volts led light) than it go into a LM7805 Voltage regulator to aliment the relays and the foot switch at 4.98 VDC. I still had to connect the two relays when I took the picture, other than that, it is ready to fire-up :-)
Trim pots are 1 Watt rating, cost about $4 or $5.00 each from Mouser, but they are nice and strong.
The orange drop capacitors are the PS series rated at 600V.

Pine cabinet, finger joints + hard wood dowels


This is Stevie Ray VAUGHAN (Number two) Dumble


This Dumble belong to Gregor HILDEN


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