Home made Fender Stratocaster clone
(DIY from raw material)

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Here my objective :

Swamp ash body
Hardtail "tone is supposed" to be better without the tremolo and permit to make a thinner (lighter) body,
the trem need a body thickness of 1 3/4 inchs while this one is 1 9/16 inchs.
Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pickups (with hybrid stagger pole)
since I'm going to use a Rosewood compound radius fretboard with 10" inchs radius at the nut and 16 inchs radius at the saddles.
Vintage old style clay dots on the neck with is made with a hard rock heavy curly maple.
Fender bridge (hardtail) and vintage tuners.

Stratocaster body blueprint : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/jwells393/StratBP2201.jpg

Stratocaster neck blueprint : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/jwells393/Neck%20Building/StratNeckBlueprint.jpg

24 different Fender headstock drawings (PDF) :


Here we can see the truss rod slot in the center line and two other slots for carbon fiber rods for an increase in stability.
The truss rod is made of stainless steel threaded rod 10/32, vintage ajustment at heal of the neck.


Nature produce nice things ...
this is one of the most butifull peace of curly maple I had chance to work with !
Glendale is asking $750.00 for a neck made with this kind of wood !

These real clay dots are available at Callaham for about 10 dollars for the set.

I'm also using a Callaham Stainless steel neck plate
(with a serial number) for increase rigidity at the neck joint


January 20, 2009
Celebration day today, not only for Barak OBAMA,
but today is also the day I could listen to the strat for the first time ... :-))

explosion of harmonics,
extra long sustain
and lot of "Wou-Blues"

The combination of the hardtail bridge and the two carbon fiber rods
and the conical radius fretboard really help me to make a super low action,
the Lindy Fralin pickups are an excellent choice for that vintage bell Strat tone.

I did not forget the tuner bushings, but I could not wait to string up that guitar ;-)

I made the headstock with a "little" backward angle (about 4 1/2 degrees) to increase the strings pressure
on the nut and there no need for string trees. The instrument weight exactly 3.26Kg or +/- 7 lbs and 3 ozs,
average Strat weight is from 7 to 9 pounds.

I wroted a e-mail to Lindy FRALIN saying that this Strat clone sound more Strat than a real Strat ...
I guess he love the comment :


stratocaster clone

Little bit of Shellac (amber) reveal the curly. I also try a light coat on the finger board.
It will be finish with clear nitrocellulose lacquer (when the weather will permit to do the job).
Curly maple not only look good, it does resonnate very well.


I end up stripping the cream color for a custom sunburst finish and I replace the hardtail bridge for a tremolo bridge.


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From : Strat-O-Blogster
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jean GODBOUT's Curly Strat & Other Projects

Chambered Lindenwood aka Basswood body

Curly maple top added. A Hardtail config-- BUT will utilize brass inertia trem block for sustain. Also notice 3 saddle brass Tele bridge.


Back string access but no ferrules. String ends seat into brass block in body.


Unfinished body & neck. Tooled leather pickguard, hand wound pickups, hand made wooden bobbins, lathed wooden knobs and switch tip.



Jean GODBOUT from Montreal builds serious guitars from the ground up-- as well as groovy boutique tube amps, effects and his own pickups. Jean has honored us with these photos and details of his most recent "Curly Strat" build. He's waiting for warmer Spring weather to apply the finish coats, otherwise he's made the neck & body from scratch and integrated/assembled this instrument in his nicely equipped workshop.

Besides the chambered body, the really special and unique feature here is the bridge configuration in which a brass 3 saddle Tele bridge is interfaced with a brass trem block purely for sustain-- as there is NO trem unit or springs. Unlike a traditional hardtail design, Jean has routed out just for the inertia block which fits snugly into the light, chambered, basswood body in order to resonate the body. Though like a standard hardtail, the strings still run through the back, but seat into the block instead of ferrules in the body.

Considering the lightness of the chambered basswood body, I also suspect all that brass & the curly maple top is offsetting an otherwise neck heavy situation. Great when everything works out!

But wait! Cause you still ain't seen nothin' yet kids!!! CLICK HERE to check out GODBOUT's web pages. All page links are at the bottom of his pages so scroll each page all the way down! First you'll see an extremely impressive, well documented and exquisitely finished George Harrison Rosewood Tele clone-- all rosewood carved from scratch! And don't stop there, because you gotta see the classy retro amp chassis projects as well as other guitars, and his pickup page too. This guy has a great shop, excellent tools & equipment and obviously the talent and skills to build sexy boutique guitars and gear!

And he ain't doin' no finish work until the weather is just right because Jean doesn't like to cut corners as you can probably tell!


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