Home made Fender Telecaster clone (DIY)

You can buy this Telecaster plan (draw by Jason LOLLAR -1999) at
Musical Instrument Makers Forum ) for $7.00 U.S. Dollars or $13.00 CD)

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Nice premium quality Swamp Ash billets

Lapping the edge quare and straight

Glueing the two pieces


Here my "toolmaker trick" to drill the hole for the truss rod exactly where I want.
I glue temporary a little block of wood that had a 3/8" D. pre bore hole witch will become a guide for the 1 feet long drill.
I had this 3/8" D. end mill on hand that sit on a combination of "Jo" blocks
so the center line of the hole is exactly at 2" from the edge of the piece of this nice curly maple.
Easy with the right tools ... !

You need to hold the work quare to obtain precision (app. within .003" to .005")

If you look carefully, you will see peak and valley in the wood
(that an illusion created by curl in the wood) it become 3D ... :-))

Center line at 2 inchs from the edge, right on !

Milling a truss rod slot with a 3/16" bit (back of the neck).
Note that a router would be a better tool for this job,
but for "dust and noise" factors, I'm using the drill press with a milling table attachement.
I finish the with of the slot at around 0.215 inch for a vintage look.
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This one is now for sale.
Swamp Ash body, one piece curly maple neck, real bakelite pickguard, Fender Showmaster heavy knurl knobs, Fender Pat Pend. Bridge,  GODBOUT jucy hand wound Rosewood pickups with Alnico V magnets, compensated brass saddles, top quality electronic, Fender "F" neck plate, Fender control plate, Electro socket jack holder.
Asking $800.00 Canadian,  NO CASE INCLUDE.

Mail to : Jean GODBOUT  (Change the (at) for an @ )