Home made (DIY) TRAINWRECK EXPRESS STUDIO 4-4-0 clone (or style...) mod to 2 Watts by AX84 guys,
mod again to 4 Watts using two output tubes.
Note that this page will evolve as I build the amp, just starting now (March 12, 2011)


Original ''Full size'' Trainwreck Amp


Layout, schematic & bom : http://www.ax84.com/4-4-0/AX84_4-4-0_Studio_100216.pdf

Got the chassis from http://www.hallamplification.com  for $40.00 (very strong, 0.090'' thick aluminium)
The two PEC potentiometers will be repace by the one I'm waiting for the delivery, but the PEC  will fit :-) 


I select a OT5PP Output transformer from Musical Power Supplies, Inc. and a Hammond Power transformer 269JX 500VCT at 69mA + 6.3V  at 2.5A

This curly maple lumber have been save for a neck, but I don't trust the wood for good stable neck, so it will become the face plate and the main electronic board.



As we can see on this picture, I'm using two output tubes, the second one is parralel, so the amp will be running with four triode sections for an approximative output of four (4) Watts. I still can remove one tube for two (2) Watts output. Fortunatly, my output transformer is a multi tap type so I can compensate for the impedance change using one or two tubes output tube in parralel.

Ready to try :-)  Just a hair of tube reverb, no other effect of FX  recorded with a Rosewood Tele, MP3.

This one is a smal clip (MP3) with a Strat,
early in the morning
play through a TL-806 Electro-Voice cabinet and a EMI Delta Pro 12'' speaker



Now building a full size EXPRESS, preview !

Please meet JOCELYNE

This is not a ''purist'' clone, I'm experimenting some Russian paper and oil military capacitors (the green things), Russian military preamp sockets, PEC military specs potentiometers (Canadian), the red resistors are TAKMAN carbon film HiFi (Japan), the domino is a NOS MENCO capacitor (USA) couple with a ceramic cap, boards from RJGuitars (USA). Magnetic Components transformers (USA), RFT old stock EL-34 power tubes (East Germany) TRAINWRECK blank chassis (USA) : $17.00 U.S.D.


Click for more resolution

Ta-dam ...

Almost finish. I diden't use the impedance switch, not strong enough, so I temporary connect the output directly to the output jack, one is 8 Ohms and the other one 16 Ohms untill I receive the correct rotary impedance switch. I did not install the pilot light yet because I need to finish the wooden front face plate first.
I also change some wires, diden't like the pink wires with the yellow and green. Bright switch is install on a double pole switch.
Ready to try ... :-)
Wow, that amp play loud, I replace the EL-34 (33 Watts) with 6V6 (22 Watts), giving me more reasonable volume for home use ... !

This 1K 25 Watts resistor (that replace a choke) is lift grom the bottom by two washers spacers
to permit air under the resistor to minimise heat transfer to the board.


The tree diodes string on the power tubes sockets are cover with clear shrink sleaves, note the 0.5 % 1 Ohm resistor for bias mesurement.


1 Watt bias trimpot




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